Managing Responsibility MOOC

Managing Responsibility: Practising Sustainability, Responsibility and Ethics in a new MOOC from The University of Manchester. Although focused at managers, the topics will be directly applicable to you as potential managers and leaders of the future.

ALL YEAR Coursera

In this MOOC you will work on your competence to solve tasks and problems related to sustainability, responsibility and ethics. Translate this competence to management practices in your area of expertise and learn to navigate the complexities, struggles and paradoxes that can occur when changing practices at multiple levels from individuals to organizations and systems.

Managers are increasingly confronted with issues of sustainability, responsibility, and ethics. Managing responsibly is an integrative approach to sustainability, responsibility, and ethics, which allows you as a manager to deal competently with such challenges. This course will facilitate your learning process to engage in changing practices to make them more sustainable, responsible, and ethically informed.

In the course we will form multicultural teams to learn about problems you bring forward. The course also facilitates the formation of peer networks that allow you to continue this learning experience after finalizing the MOOC. The MOOC is an initiative in collaboration with the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative.

For more information, please visit the website.

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