This free app allows quick and easy recording of selected key urban species which have been seen on the University of Manchester campus. It hopes to highlight the wealth of diversity available on campus and to monitor species distribution across campus.

All Year The University of Manchester

UMAPIT (University of Manchester Animal Positions and Information Tracker) app (available only on android) and its accompanying website have been developed by staff at the University to improve the tracking and recording of biodiversity on the University Campus.

However, it can be used anywhere! As long as you have a phone with the App installed or a device with internet access to log onto the website you can record the animals you see and also find out more about them.  

Using the app or website you can capture details of species you encounter and send your records directly to the app database. On the website ‘’SUMMARY’’ page you will be able to see yours and other people’s sightings recording on a map (which can be selected to show any area) and also download all the records to keep track of biodiversity sightings. 

For more information, please visit the website.

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