#GetSust 2014

On the 17th September 2014 University Place was taken over by over by 170 first year students to undertake The Sustainability Challenge as part of the Ethical Grand Challenges programme.

Students from Midwifery, Petroleum Engineering, Zoology, IT for Business Management , Religions & Theology worked in interdisciplinary groups to build Campus East, a new development of the fictitious University of Millchester. 

Dave Guest from the BBC features in our newsroom videos as the lead presenter. Filming was undertaken by the Media Services Production Team.

The aim of the event was to give students an insight into the challenge of balancing environmental, economic and social factors in order to build a sustainable future, as well as provide a greater understanding of some of the challenges faced by Universities in the 21st Century.

74% of students felt they had a better understanding of the complexity of sustainability after taking part in the Challenge. Students also highlighted the benefits of meeting and working with students from other courses and working as a team.

"It was great! it really shows how much time the University of Manchester puts into Freshers"

The Sustainability Challenge was developed by the Student Development & Community Engagement Division, working in collaboration with academics from MBS, SEED and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Staff across the University supported the development of the learning materials with Media Services helping to produce videos.

The Sustainability Challenge is part of the University’s Flagship Social Responsibility initiative - the Ethical Grand Challenges Programme - which will enable every Manchester undergraduate to engage with 3 key global issues: Sustainability (Y1):  Social Justice (Y2): Workplace Ethics (Y3).

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