Sustainability Challenge 2017

On Tuesday of Welcome Week all 8,000 new first year undergraduates were invited to take part in the Sustainability Challenge.

Students worked in project teams across 171 classrooms in 9 buildings to develop a new campus for the fictitious University of Millchester. They had to incorporate factors such as costs and energy efficiency, while considering the needs of the local community and wider society.

Over 250 PSS and academic staff were involved in delivering the Challenge as facilitators, IT/AV/event support and plenary presenters.

Students worked in interdisciplinary groups and had to adapt to an ever changing narrative

The Sustainability Challenge forms part of the University’s Ethical Grand Challenges programme, which engages undergraduates with key global issues. Students will move onto exploring Social Justice in their second year and Workplace Ethics in their final year.

Ethical Grand Challenges are part of Stellify which encourages our students to do more and be more, and completion of the Sustainability Challenge is the first step towards students’ achieving Stellify’s Manchester Leadership Award.

"It's great chance to meet new people ... people that you're not going to be studying with ... make new friends and learn something new"

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