Social Justice Challenge 2017

Join the debate around Social Justice!

How should we promote a just society? How do we challenge injustice, value diversity, define human rights, and allocate resources?

The Social Justice Challenge introduces students to different ways of thinking about social justice and is centred on 4 themes: Higher Education, Mental Health, Trade and Energy. The Challenge is delivered online and each theme is explored using a mix of short interactive activities and films. Featured in the films are leading experts from across The University of Manchester and beyond. 

By completing the Challenge students develop knowledge, skills and understanding of complex problems facing society, and are hopefully inspired to take action on issues that are important to them. 

A Fairer World. A Better World

The Challenge is available on Blackboard in the ‘My Communities’ section. To complete the Challenge students need to work through two of the four themes, but can explore them all if they'd like. Completion of the challenge is an essential requirement of the prestigious Manchester Leadership Award.

Ethical Grand Challenges are part of Stellify which encourages students to do more and be more. 

"I really enjoyed doing this challenge as it was extremely interesting and gave me the opportunity to think and reflect on some of the problems the world is facing"

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