Workplace Ethics Challenge 2017

Workplace Ethics is the Ethical Grand Challenge for final year students.

The first Workplace Ethics Challenge workshop of this academic year took place in the Whitworth Hall on the 25th October 2017, the focus was safeguarding children and young people.

The workshop gave students an opportunity to explore ethical isues of relevance to anyone working with, or supporting the rights of, children, or vulnerable people of any age. They learnt from leading practitioners about the practice of safeguarding (protecting people from harm and from harming others), the challenges posed by social media, and the possible impacts of sexting on children and young people.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 94% of students agreeing they were more aware of their ethical responsibilities in the workplace after taking part in the workshop. 99% agreed that they found the workshop interesting and 96% agreed the workshop provided skills and/or experiences they will find useful in their future careers.

For feedback on last year's workshop take a look at this video 

All in a good days work.

More Workplace Ethics workshops are taking place in Semester 2, giving students the opportunity to explore ethical challenges faced by early career graduates in a range of sectors. 

- Healthcare Workplace Ethics

- Business Workplace Ethics

- Cross Sector Workplace Ethics

Keep an eye out on the website for how to sign up for these workshops! If you're a final year student and you'd like us to let you when these workshops are running please email 

"The student-student interaction was very useful, hearing other points of view is always valuable, the scenarios were interesting and realistic and relevant"

Completion of the challenge is an essential requirement of the prestigious Manchester Leadership Award.

Ethical Grand Challenges are part of Stellify which encourages students to do more and be more. 

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