Diverse Britain in a Globalising World

This course unit will introduce you to a range of concepts to enhance understanding of Diverse Britain.

You will analyse multiple areas of contemporary relevance: ranging from institutional analysis of the NHS and housing markets, a review of the history of post-war migration, analysis of policy discourses around multiculturalism and integration, and a more general and recurring critical discussion of popular culture (traversing hip-hop, Bollywood, the revival of primetime 'period drama' such as Downton Abbey and other areas of contemporary cultural prominence). It is only through such a multidisciplinary perspective that a rounded but also current understanding of how ethnic diversity is made to matter in contemporary Britain will be realised. The lectures/workshops will also draw comparisons and contrasts to other Western European contexts, equipping students with a broader regional and international lens regarding contemporary British policy and culture.

Diverse Britain in a Globalising World is one of the UCIL course units that form a component of the Manchester Global Challenge.

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