Leadership of Learning

Leadership of Learning is taught in the Manchester Institute of Education (in the School of Environment, Education and Development). The aim of the unit is to gain knowledge, skills and understanding of many aspects of leadership and working in a professional context.

A central component of the unit is a ten week work placement in a school where you will gain a range of skills by working alongside teachers and pupils.

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You may opt to undertake a primary or secondary placement. If you wish to be considered for a secondary school placement you will be assigned to the classroom subject that is the closest match to your degree discipline, if available. If there is not a suitable match A level subjects will be considered.

Before your work placement you will undertake 12 hours of preparation including sessions on the social and educational context of teaching and learning, managing relationships and behaviour for learning and leading learning in a socio-culturally diverse setting. 

"I found the leadership of learning unit very rewarding. The University staff and the partnership school were amazing in the support they provided. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering becoming a Primary or Secondary Teacher, or to anyone who wants to build on their confidence or leadership skills. The thought of teaching a small section of a lesson initially scared me; however by week six of the placement I taught a whole afternoon session about Victorian Archaeology, which linked in with their history topic for this term. The reward of seeing how engaged the children were in digging for artefacts, confirmed how much I want to be a Primary Teacher. This course has built my confidence and I have gained some excellent leadership skills for future employment."

Primary School Placement

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