Crisis of Nature

This unit aims to familiarise you with the fundamentals of environmental history and to provide an introduction to environmental activism and policy, using case studies that include ocean crisis, plastic pollution, environmental health, man-made disasters and food security.

Why are environmental problems defined as 'wicked problems'? What makes a problem 'wicked'? And do you think you can solve one? Looking at a selection of real life environmental crises, this unit will discuss the following: who speaks on behalf of the environment, who acts on its behalf, and what matters in solving environmental issues?

You will be asked to think locally and globally, working to understand how the two different scales influence the availability of solutions.

The unit encourages you to use creative thinking to answer burning environmental questions. You will produce an original analysis of environmental issues in your immediate vicinity, the campus and the City of Manchester.

For more information, please visit the website.

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