Humanitarian Challenges in an Unequal World

This unit provides an opportunity to analyse, synthesise and evaluate contrasting debates into the policies and practices that impact on humanitarianism in both the UK and globally, as well as critically examine different perspectives on the role of humanitarian actors.

The unit adopts a multi-disciplinary approach that draws on disciplines such as politics, sociology, history and medical sciences to enhance students' understanding of the evolution of global health, conflict response, disaster management and peace-building. Further it will interrogate the individual, social, cultural and institutional factors that affect humanitarian responses on a global scale.

The unit is delivered using face-to-face lectures, structured individual and group research and preparation, and seminars where you will give presentations relating to humanitarianism in context and debate key issues based on background research and preparation. In doing so it aims to enhance your cultural awareness and intellectual curiosity in the field of humanitarianism.

Humanitarian Challenges in an Unequal World is one of the UCIL course units that form a component of the Manchester Global Challenge.

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