Global Citizenship and Sustainability

This unit adopts an intercultural approach to 'global citizen' and sustainability in an interconnected world. On the unit you will reflect on what constitutes an ethic of caring for a world in which our lives are inextricably linked to the lives of people across the globe, to nature which sustains us and ultimately to future generations.

You will develop qualities associated with global citizenship and intercultural awareness, qualities increasingly valued, professionally and otherwise. These will include: sensitivity to cultural difference; the capacity to recognise your own biases and to be inquisitive about the perspectives of others; the capacity to engage with uncertainty and ambiguity; the capacity to view global challenges from multiple perspectives; the capacity to think relationally, and for the long term; the capacity to identify ways in which your choices and actions have consequences for people and the environment across the globe; the capacity to communicate effectively across boundaries.

This is a blended learning unit and is predominantly conducted through online activities with four onsite seminars in the twelve week period. The first half of the unit provides online content covering key concepts. In the second part of the unit you undertake a project exploring a key global issue relating to sustainability and the interconnections and complexities inherent in that issue. The course unit culminates in the creation of a digital presentation where you convey your understandings of your chosen issue and aim to inspire others to develop their own ethic of caring for the World.

Global Citizenship and Sustainability is one of the UCIL course units that form a component of the Manchester Global Challenge.

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