Play the City

Play the City uses gaming to engage multiple stakeholders in resolving complex urban challenges.

All YEAR Online Collaborative Platform

Changing the way  stakeholders are engaged, Play the City designs physical games as a method for collaborative decision making and conflict resolution. Games are tailored according to the questions of clients. These can relate to large urban projects, refugee camps, violence prevention and other multi-stakeholder challenges societies face.

Play the City use gaming as a problem-solving method bringing top down decision makers together with bottom up stakeholders. In the accessible environment of games, freed from the jargons, various ideas, plans and projects meet, conflict and collaborate towards negotiated outcomes.

Play the City believe gaming is the real alternative to standard formats of public consultation in the 21st century.  Their method has been acknowledged internationally and has been implemented for large-scale projects in AmsterdamIstanbulBrussels and Cape Town. You can gain more insight by clicking our projects page.


To start playing "Play the City", you can login with Facebook or via email.

For more information, please visit the website.

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