Sustainability Challenge

Create a more sustainable world

The Sustainability Challenge introduces you to ways of thinking about sustainability and how you can play your part as a student. Sustainability Challenge catch-up sessions are only available to second and final year students who missed the challenge in first year. Sign up now for one of the following sessions.

Virtual Sustainability Challenge Catch-Up Sessions for 2020/21:

  • Wednesday 11 November, 2-4pm: COMPLETED
  • Tuesday 24 November, 5-7pm: COMPLETED
  • Wednesday 16 December, 2-4pm: COMPLETED
  • Wednesday 3 March, 2-4pm: COMPLETED
  • Tuesday 13 April, 5-7pm: COMPLETED
  • Wednesday 5 May, 2-4pm: SIGN UP NOW CLOSED

Remember, you need to complete the Sustainability Challenge if you want to be eligible for the Stellify Award.

If you're starting your degree with us in September 2020, you'll still get to take the Sustainability Challenge in your second year. Instead, head to the Social Justice Challenge page.

Find out what students think of the Sustainability Challenge

Make friends across the University

Work with students from different disciplines to develop plans for a new campus, as the world around you changes and the time counts down. It's a great way to make new friends during too.

Key Facts About the Sustainability Challenge

What is the Sustainability Challenge and who can take it?

The Sustainability Challenge is a two 1/2 hour workshop where students work in interdisciplinary groups to design a university campus, taking into account social, financial and environmental factors.

This event usually happens in Welcome Week but due to COVID-19, we are only offering virtual Sustainability Challenge catch-up sessions for Year 2 and final year students in 2020/21.

Please note: If you started your degree in 2020, you will still get to complete the Sustainability Challenge in your second year.

I'm a Year 2/Final Year student. How do I sign up to a Sustainability Challenge catch-up session?

If you're a Year 2 or final year student, you can sign up to a catch-up session by filling out this form.

Sustainability Challenge Catch-up sessions:

  • Wednesday 11 November, 2-4pm 
  • Tuesday 24 November, 5-7pm
  • Wednesday 16 December, 2-4pm
  • Wednesday 3 March, 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 13 April, 5-7pm
  • Wednesday 5 May, 2-4pm

Why should I complete the Sustainability Challenge?

Completion of all three Ethical Grand Challenges (including the Sustainability Challenge) counts towards the prestigious Stellify Award

Successful completion of the Sustainability Challenge will also appear on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report)


By completing the Sustainability Challenge, you will also:

  • Develop knowledge, skills and understanding of challenges facing society in the 21st century
  • Enhance your employability skills

  • Explore issues of sustainability and hopefully be inspired to take action on issues of importance to you

  • Contextualise your degree and place it in a wider national and global context

I can’t access the Sustainability Challenge catch-up form

If you can’t access the Sustainability Challenge catch-up form, email with the subject line Sustainability Challenge access.

I missed the Sustainability Challenge in Welcome Week, can I still complete it?

If you're a Year 2 or final year student who missed the Sustainability Challenge in Welcome Week, you can attend one of a number of catch-up sessions held throughout the year. Architecture students and direct entry students must attend these catch-up sessions. Exchange and study abroad students can attend a catch-up session, but they are not eligible for the Stellify Award.