Workplace Ethics Challenge

Get ready for the workplace by exploring ethical dilemmas commonly faced by early career graduates

Workplace Ethics is the Ethical Grand Challenge for Year 3-Final Year students. Choose from a range of Workplace Ethics Challenge face to face workshops or online activities which will explore ethical challenges faced by early career graduates in a range of sectors and help you explore how you might contribute to creating inclusive workplaces. The Challenge will be launched in full in 2018/2019 but you can attend pilot activities throughout 2017/18

WPE Challenge Workshops in Semester 2 2017/18

Healthcare Workplace Ethics Challenge:

  •  Friday 23 February (9:30-12:00)
  •  Friday 2 March (9:30-12:00)


All-Sector Workplace Ethics Challenge:

  • Wednesday 21 March (13:00-15:30)


Globalised Workplace Ethics Challenge: 

  • Wednesday 18 April (13:00-15:30)


Explore the links to find out more about the WPE Challenge Workshops: what's involved, what you'll get out of them, and how to sign up to take part.


Learn more about ethics in the workplace by taking a Workplace Ethics Challenge Workshop


Give something back and gain practical insights into initiatives designed to promote inclusivity and ethical practice. For more ideas go to: