Workplace Ethics Challenge

The Workplace Ethics Challenge is the Ethical Grand Challenge (EGC) for Year 3 to Final Year undergraduate students.

Take part in a WPE Challenge to:

  • Explore ethical dilemmas commonly faced by early career graduates which aren’t typically covered in degree programmes
  • Gain skills and experiences that will improve your confidence and help you stand out in a crowded graduate job market
  • Understand how you can contribute to creating inclusive, diverse and supportive workplaces
  • Learn about key rights and legislation in relation to the workplace

There are a range of Workplace Ethics Challenge options to choose from, tailored to different graduate employment sectors. You can also complete the Challenge online.

For students who began the first year of their undergraduate studies in September 2016 or later, completing a Workplace Ethics Challenge option also counts towards the Stellify Award.

“Discussed topics that are relevant even though sensitive"

"Made me think more deeply about my role as an individual in wider society”

“Interactive and explorative, accessible to people from all disciplines”

Choose Your Workplace Ethics Challenge.

You can attend one Workplace Ethics Challenge workshop and/or complete the Workplace Ethics Challenge online. Workshops are face-to-face, last 2.5 hours, and take place on The University of Manchester main campus. 


Can you identify harassment and bullying in the workplace? How should you respond?  What are the limits of privacy and confidentiality in workplace online communication? 

No matter where you work, the business, public or third sector, the insight and experiences you will gain from this workshop will be valued by all employers.  Find out more  or sign up.


Are you planning to work with, or support the rights of children or vulnerable people of any age, e.g. in teaching, social work, the law or as a volunteer?

Take part in a Challenge workshop to gain valuable experience of the kinds of ethical decision making you will be faced with in relation to safeguarding: protecting people from harm and from harming others. Find out more  or sign up.


Will your career take you to different countries? Will you work in international teams or organisations? Have you considered the ethical challenges you’ll face in such globalised workplaces?

Develop your inter-cultural awareness and learn more about how to overcome the kinds of challenges you will face in multi-cultural workplaces. Find out more or sign up.


Join students from a range of healthcare programmes to explore the impacts of unconscious bias on peer to peer discrimination in the workplace, and on patient care. Find out more  or sign up.


Learn how you can contribute to creating inclusive and supportive workplaces, and enhance your employability, by completing the Workplace Ethics Challenge – Online.

Interactive scenarios will challenge you to reflect on your own, and others’, ethical responsibilities and decision making in relation to issues such as harassment, bullying and discrimination, privacy and confidentiality. Find out more or sign up.

Key Facts About The Workplace Ethics Challenge

When can I complete the Workplace Ethics Challenge – Online

The Workplace Ethics Challenge - Online is available from 24 September 2018

The deadline for completing the online challenge is 07 June 2019

Note, to ensure access, you must sign up for access to the Workplace Ethics Challenge - Online at least 24 hours before the deadline.

When do Workplace Ethics Challenge Workshops take place?

Workplace Ethics Challenge Workshops: 2018/19 Semester 1


Workplace Ethics Challenge Workshops: 2018/19 Semester 1

All workshops take place on The University of Manchester main campus.

Can I sign up for more than one Workplace Ethics Challenge option?

You can sign up for one Challenge workshop and can also complete the WPE Challenge-Online if you wish.

If you want to complete an additional Challenge workshop you can ask to be added to the waiting list. However, priority will be given to students who have not yet completed a Challenge workshop. 


How will completing a Workplace Ethics Challenge enhance my employability?

Graduate employers want to recruit people whose values and behaviour fit with what is expected in the organisation. 

The opportunity to work through real-world workplace situations in the Workplace Ethics Challenge will help build your confidence when faced with the kinds of situational judgment tests used in recruitment. Through discussion with other students in a workshop, or through the interactive activities in the Workplace Ethics Challenge - Online, you will gain new perspectives on current ethical challenges, and examples you can draw on in interview. The content of each Workplace Ethics Challenge option will also introduce you to key workplace rules and regulations.


“Employers really care about values, ethics, and everything linked to corporate responsibility, and doing the right thing and, if you’re able to show you’re taking that topic seriously, and you’ve proactively done something to learn more about it a further your knowledge, that’s going to  really help you in the employability space.  I’d really recommend participating.” - Katherine Bond, Student Recruitment Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

 “I would urge every student to consider taking the Ethics Challenge. No matter what the sector, the scenarios explored are recognisable, and being given the opportunity to discuss them in a safe, constructive environment will inevitably make graduates feel much more comfortable in their places of employment.” - Sophie Parkes-Nield, Head of Client Advocacy, Creative Concern

“For anybody going into the workplace . . . it is really important that you’ve got a very strong personal ethic, you know your own values, and your own line in the sand” - Sir Peter Fahey, Former Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police.