Enhance your employability & join final year students from across the university in an interactive workshop which explores contemporary ethical challenges relevant to every graduate workplace.

The All-Sector WPE Challenge is one of the Ethical Grand Challenge options for Year 3-Final Year students.  

Gain skills and expeirences that will help you stand out in a crowded graduate job market by taking part in a workshop that explores ethical challenges relevant to all sectors. Interactive scenarios, group exercises and discussions will challenge you to reflect on your own, and others’, ethical responsibilities and decision making in the workplace, such as harassment, bullying and discrimination, and privacy and confidentiality in an age of online communication.  

Hear about the All-Sector Workplace Ethics Challenge from Sophie Parkes-Nield, Head of Client Advocacy at Creative Concern

In 2017-18 All-Sector WPE Challenge pilot workshop will take place on:

  • Wednesday 21 March 2018, 13:00-15:30, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road Campus


Key Facts About The All-Sector Workplace Ethics Challenge

What is the workshop about?

The real-world practical ethical dilemmas at the core of this workshop will provide you with the opportunity to explore what responsible and ethical behaviour in any workplace might look like.

The topics covered will include an exploration of your own, and others’, ethical responsibilities in the workplace in relation to:

- Harassment, bullying and discrimination

- Privacy and confidentiality in an age of online communication.

The themes explored in this workshop are relevant to any graduate workplace. 

Who is the workshop for?

The controversial and contemporary topics covered in this workshop, and insights into real-world practical decision making, are relevant to all graduate workplaces, and will be of interest to students from any discipline.

The workshop is available to final year University of Manchester Students only.

What will I get out of it?

The workshop offers an opportunity to challenge yourself, and to explore your own ethical decision making, in a constructive learning environment, supported by real-world practitioners.

Taking part will also improve your employability by providing you with insights and experiences you can draw on in job applications and interviews.  

You will also gain valuable experience of working, and making decisions, in multi-disciplinary groups.

Attendance at the workshop will be listed on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report).

A certificate of attendance is available on request.

How can I sign up?

The workshop is completely free for Year 3 - Final year students at the University of Manchester. The dates of All-Sector WPE Challenge workshops available in this academic year are provided above.  

Spaces are limited so, to register for this years’ workshop, sign up now to take part.  

If aren’t able to attend, see the EGC Workplace Ethics Homepage for details of other WPE Challenges available in this academic year.

Once you've registered, look out for a confirmation email from to let you that you have a place. The email will also provide further details and joining instructions.

If you’re currently a 1st or 2nd year student and would like to register your interest in taking part in a WPE Challenge in your final year, please email

What do other students say about the workshop?

The All-Sector WPE Challenge is being run for the first time in March 2018.

Students that have taken part in other WPE Challenges found the WPE Challenge workshops interesting and stimulating (99% of respondents*). Students also reported that they were more aware of their ethical responsibilities in the workplace after taking part in a WPE workshop (92%), and thought the workshop they attended provided skills/and or experience they would find useful in their future career (96%).

Students also valued the opportunity to work with students from other courses and thought the workshop explored topics different to those covered in their degree programmes (93%).

*Feedback from x70 students from 10 programmes, across 3 faculties.


"It was very engaging, I enjoyed talking to others and sharing my views and finding that I was not alone in them" (English Literature Student Feedback 2017)

"I liked learning more about socially sensitive topics, or topics that we as a society don't discuss a lot, therefore was very illuminating" (English Literature Student Feedback 2017)

"Very interactive and gave plenty of opportunities to voice opinions and discuss differences in ideas" (Physics Student Feedback 2017)

Who helped create the workshop?

The All-Sector WPE Challenge is one of a developing suite of 'Workplace Ethics Challenges' offered to final year undergraduate students as part of the University of Manchester's 'Ethical Grand Challenges' programme.

This Challenge workshop has been developed in partnership with leading academics and practitioners in the fields of Psychology, Teacher Education, Social Work and Volunteering, and in consultation with leading graduate employers including:

Professor Steve Pettifer, Director of Teaching Strategy, Computer Sciences. (Chair)

Katherine Bond, Student Recruitment Manager (North), Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC)

Steve Connor, CEO, Creative Concern (leading Manchester media design agency)  

Dr Dawn Edge, University Academic Lead for Equality & Diversity, Senior Lecturer & Winston Churchill Fellow, Psychology & Mental Health, FBMH

Dr Margaret Emsley: Reader, Management of Projects Group of Programmes, MACE

Professor Ismail Eturk: Senior Lecturer in Banking & AMBS Director for Social Responsibility and Engagement.

Janine Watson Cottingham: Former Assistant Chief Executive (Comms & Customer Engagement) Stockport Council, & Chair of UoM Alumni Association (2007-2017).