Complete the Workplace Ethics Challenge - Online to explore current ethical challenges relevant to every graduate workplace.

Learn how you can contribute to creating inclusive and supportive workplaces, and enhance your employability, by completing the Workplace Ethics Challenge – Online. Interactive scenarios will challenge you to reflect on your own, and others’, ethical responsibilities and decision making in relation to issues such as harassment, bullying and discrimination, privacy and confidentiality.

The Challenge is delivered entirely online, and takes about an hour to complete. It is divided into four sections, each with a short multiple choice quiz which you need to pass in order to complete the challenge.

If you complete the Workplace Ethics Challenge – Online, you can still sign up to attend one of the face to face Workplace Ethics Challenge workshops available to you.

The Workplace Ethics Challenge – Online is one of the Ethical Grand Challenge options for Year 3 - Final Year students.

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Please note that:

  • To ensure access, you must sign up to the Workplace Ethics Challenge - Online at least 24 hours before the deadline. 
  • The deadline for completing the Workplace Ethics Challenge – Online is midnight on 07 June 2019.

Key Facts About The Workplace Ethics Challenge - Online

What is the Challenge about?

The topics covered will include an exploration of your own, and others’, ethical responsibilities in the workplace in relation to:

  • Harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • Privacy and confidentiality in the age of online communication
  • Being an active bystander

The real-world, practical, ethical dilemmas at the core of this Challenge are relevant to any graduate workplace.


Who is the Challenge for?

The topics covered in the online Challenge are relevant to all graduate workplaces, and provide insights into real-world, practical decision-making that will be useful to students from any discipline.

The Challenge is available to Year 3 to Final Year University of Manchester students only.

What will I get out of it?

The Challenge offers an opportunity to challenge yourself, and to explore your own ethical decision making, in an online learning environment. The content has been developed in consultation with graduate employers and University of Manchester experts in psychology and equality in the workplace.

Completing the Challenge will also improve your employability by providing you with insights and experiences you can draw on in job applications and interviews.

Completion of the Workplace Ethics Challenge will be listed on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report).

For students who began the First Year of their undergraduate studies in September 2016 or later, completing a WPE Challenge also counts towards the Stellify Award.

How can I sign up?

To access the Challenge you need to complete a short online form and follow the instructions provided.

It is delivered via Blackboard and, once you have registered, will be available to you in the ‘My Communities’ list on your Blackboard homepage.

What do other students say about the Challenge?

“It covers topics I had never seen before, being an engineering student, and has been very interesting and useful.”

“Easy to navigate, very useful videos and support materials, interactive and easy to follow.”

“I really enjoyed being able to think about important and difficult issues in real life scenarios. It helped me to gain a better understanding on how to deal with these issues.”

“It helped me challenge my own unconscious biases and assumptions. It also gave scenarios that are very likely to occur in the workplace, but are also not black and white. It really made me have to think. I also liked how simple it was to follow and how the multi choice tests were not too difficult.”

“I liked that it was interactive, that the issues it covered were current and relevant, and that it was cut into bite sized pieces that made it easy to follow and stopped it from becoming boring.”

“Very interactive with a lot of challenging examples provided.”

Who helped create the Challenge?

The content of the Workplace Ethics Challenge - Online has been developed in consultation with graduate employers, academics and practitioners including:

Professor Steve Pettifer, Director of Teaching Strategy, Computer Sciences.

Dr Dawn Edge, University Academic Lead for Equality & Diversity, Senior Lecturer & Winston Churchill Fellow, Psychology & Mental Health, FBMH

Dr Karen Niven, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology, Work & Equalities Institute, Alliance Manchester Business School

Katherine Bond, Student Recruitment Manager (North), Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC)

Steve Connor, CEO, Creative Concern (leading Manchester media design agency)

Dr Margaret Emsley: Reader, Management of Projects Group of Programmes, MACE
Professor Ismail Eturk: Senior Lecturer in Banking & AMBS Director for Social Responsibility and Engagement.

Janine Watson Cottingham: Former Assistant Chief Executive (Comms & Customer Engagement) Stockport Council, & Chair of UoM Alumni Association (2007-2017).

The University of Manchester Student Development & Community Engagement Division coordinates the development and delivery of all 'Ethical Grand Challenges' activities.